Wednesday, 7 October 2015


After a sizeable blogging hiatus, I feel like I have a LOT of news to share from the past six weeks!

Having spent the first ten weeks of our time in Australia being completely indecisive on whether we were going to stay in Sydney or returning to Edinburgh, our decision deadline was quickly approaching (deadline being when Callum had to let his boss know if he was returning). Being relatively decisive, plan-loving people, this was quite an uneasy time for us, with the pros and cons of staying/going being daily discussion points. In mid-August we finally made the call that we are going to stay in Sydney for a couple of years, and then see what happens! We have been so excited, feeling that taking this step will open a number of doors for us going forward. Aside from that, we were thrilled to have just made a decision, finally leaving this stage of limbo!

Saying that, we have very little idea what we are doing. Seemingly making the decision was gave an illusion of moving forward. In reality making the call just raised about 50 other question marks in our lives! What jobs are we going to be able to find? Where do we want to live? Wow Sydney is expensive.. Are we going to be able to afford where we want to live? How do we make friends? Do we need a car? The list goes on.

Having sat on these questions and brainstormed a plethora of possibilities, this is the vague plan we've formulated:

First of all, get jobs. This process has been equally exciting and tiresome. Exciting in the respect that Sydney is a much bigger city that Edinburgh, meaning that we have been able to look for jobs in industries that were perhaps limited to us before. For me this meant I have been able to explore social media, marketing and PR jobs in the fashion and media world. For Callum, he has been looking into creative jobs as well as marketing jobs, ideally combining the two. Excitement aside, this has been an exhausting process for us. I've concluded that job hunting, when unemployed, is definitely one of the most soul destroying tasks to tackle. Job hunting has been the reason for my blogging hiatus - when interviewing, employers have been interested that I have started a personal blog and want to look at it. I didn't want to post a "I hate applying for jobs" blog before actually securing one. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Secondly, when jobs are secured, find a flat. Moving out of my family home before this point doesn't financially make sense having lived off savings for a number of months now. At the moment we are pretty set on Kirribilli, a suburb at the Northern foot of the Harbour Bridge. Its a beautiful suburb on the water, we have friends living there and it would be so convenient to get anywhere in Sydney from.

Thirdly, when we find a flat we will need to figure out if we need a car.

Once we have all of these things sorted, I think we will feel significantly more settled. Having our own space will be amazing as since getting married, we STILL haven't lived by ourselves. It's been almost six months already!! (How did that happen by the way?! So quick!) We are also looking forward to inviting our new friends round for drinks/dinner, having felt that we haven't been able to do that up until this point.  I think that having this new normality will help us a lot, as we have both been missing our friends back in Edinburgh a lot and are craving our regular social lives!

This brings me to my next bit of big news! As this vague plan was formulated a number of weeks ago now, we have slowly been progressing. Last Friday I was offered a job working in social media for Pacific Magazines, an Aussie group with around 25 different magazines. This is a dream job for me and can't believe I got it! Essentially the role is developing social media content across each of the magazines' social channels. I start in a couple of days time so am equally excited and nervous. It's going to be a shock to the system starting work again, having not worked for a number of months now..! Cal's been doing great too, having had a couple of interviews but he hasn't found the right fit yet. He has an interview for a job in a marketing firm tomorrow, and I think he would really enjoy the job.

So there we go. Significant updates from The Batemans, with many exciting adventures ahead! I  have loved using this blog as a vehicle to update friends and family around the world so far, and promise to document our new adventures more often on Graceful Wanderings.


PS - Below are some snaps from the past few weeks' fun in Sydney and beyond.

Up at the Lighthouse above Palm Beach. 
Birthday Boy's Birthday Dinner at China Doll, Woolloomooloo.

Family Brunch at The Boathouse, Shelly Beach.

Coffee in Double Bay after the hair chop! 10 inches GONE!

Unsure about the fairy floss on his milkshake.. 
Walking in the Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains.

Clifton Gardens.

Bush walking with friends and found this fallen tree over a mangrove.

Balmoral looking mighty fine.

Saturday spent at The Island, Cockatoo Island.

The Island, Cockatoo Island - had the place to ourselves for all of five minutes..!

My brother works at a wedding venue and scored a LOT of flowers that were being thrown out.

And the rest..! We literally have roses everywhere.

Ellie Goulding gig last Sunday.


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