Wednesday, 7 October 2015


After a sizeable blogging hiatus, I feel like I have a LOT of news to share from the past six weeks!

Having spent the first ten weeks of our time in Australia being completely indecisive on whether we were going to stay in Sydney or returning to Edinburgh, our decision deadline was quickly approaching (deadline being when Callum had to let his boss know if he was returning). Being relatively decisive, plan-loving people, this was quite an uneasy time for us, with the pros and cons of staying/going being daily discussion points. In mid-August we finally made the call that we are going to stay in Sydney for a couple of years, and then see what happens! We have been so excited, feeling that taking this step will open a number of doors for us going forward. Aside from that, we were thrilled to have just made a decision, finally leaving this stage of limbo!
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