Thursday, 23 July 2015


Time is flying here. I can't believe we've already been in Sydney for seven weeks! On the one hand I feel that I have never experienced time moving so quickly! On the other hand, I feel like we have been here for a lot longer than seven weeks and feel surprisingly settled considering the time frame. 

In addition to this, we are both still undecided about whether or not to stay in Sydney or move back to Edinburgh (or even move somewhere completely different altogether). This, of course, ties into visa discussions and research (either for Callum here, me in the UK, or both of us elsewhere) which we fear will be a never-ending, lifelong problem for us!!

Despite this time confusion, the constant discussion of whether we are staying or going and the visa chats, we really have been having a great time. Neither of us feel particularly stressed, which considering the circumstances really is such a blessing. If we stay in Sydney, this time has been incredible to have before settling into "life" here, but if we go it has been the greatest extended honeymoon ever - and we're only halfway through which is great!

I thought I would share a few snaps (and relevant anecdotes) below from the past three weeks when we have been exploring, eating and drinking well, and just generally hanging out.


A couple of weeks ago, Nick and Callum went out onto our balcony with a bit of bread to feed some wild lorikeets. The two that were out on the balcony, suddenly turned into about 50 which was absolutely hilarious! Dad then came and joined the fun after returning form his run.

Armed with my camera, I took about 100 photos (no joke) but have just posted a few. Serious restraint required though as the birds are so beautiful!!

Since that day, we have had about 20 lorikeets returning daily at the same time hoping for bread. Whoops.

I had spied on Instagram photos of these incredible muffins from The Penny Royal, a cafe up the road. Turns out a baker (by the name of "Nutorious") delivers different muffins every Saturday to The Penny Royal. After going and failing once (always sold out by 11am apparently), we went a second time with success - blueberry, lemon, coconut and ricotta stuffed muffins with an injection of lemon curd. Literally amazing. Definitely want to go back for a chocolatey one...

A couple of Sundays ago, Callum and I went on a walk with my Dad from The Spit to Manly, a 10km walk along the coastline near our place. Too beautiful not to take a few snaps!

On another weekend we took a little drive to the other side of the Harbour to Watson's Bay. We walked around the headland and caught a sailing race up through the Harbour towards us. We ended up at The Watson's Bay Hotel for a bit of lunch and a G&T, because why not!?

Callum getting his "Aussie Pride" on for a video to a friend on his wedding day.

Balmoral Skies.

Bradley's Head is a headland near our place. We can wander along a bush track and end up at this open area which looks straight up the Harbour. Absolutely stunning.

The photo below is of a wild seal. He has discovered a set of steps at the bottom of the Opera House which he chooses to snooze on. Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!

Wandering around Luna Park in Milson's Point on the Harbour.

A few days ago we went on a walk from Bronte to Bondi. Seriously, the colour of that water never gets old. It's even more breathtaking in real life.


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